Past Work

Past Work

Jack Satchel   Jack Satchel

Jack Satchel

One of my favourite designs. This smiling Jack satchel found a nice home in North Carolina. Entirely made out of tooling leather. Deer antler closure. Custom fitted strap.


John's Jack Case

This is the first Jack case of this style I made for Halloween a few years back. It's one of my favourite bags to wear and I always receive compliments on it. I usually have one of these in stock. Each face is different since they are burned in by hand, but the overall look is pretty much the same. I can also substitute a buckle in place of the antler for the closure.

Early 18th Century Hunting Pouch   Bat Bag

Early 18th Century Hunting Pouch

Right out of Last of the Mohicans or worn by frontiersmen even earlier, this pouch would have carried all the tools, flints, shot, tow and anything else one needed to maintain and shoot his firelock. It now doubles as a satchel to carry documents around 21st Century Manhattan. Made out of heavily oiled cowhide. Flap is lined with deerhide. Nice deer antler crown button for the closure.


Bat Bag

This bag went home with a NYC goth. Mostly made from tooling leather with the gusset and flap binding made out of supple deerhide. Hand forged iron buckle.

Buffalo Haversack   Moose Shooting Pouch

Buffalo Haversack

I designed this to look like something a longhunter on the frontier would carry his essentials in for the day...or three. The buffalo hide I used is very thick as is the cowhide strap. Nice white tail deer antler tip for the closure.


Moose Shooting Pouch

Rev. War style shooting pouch that a militia man might have carried. Nice wide 2 1/4" belt out of cowhide with a Double D buckle that I hand forged an iron tongue for. Very soft, supple moosehide for the pouch. Deer antler button.

Rev. War Shooting Pouch   Skull Sporran

Rev. War Shooting Pouch

This nice shooting pouch is completely made out of deerhide with a cowhide strap. The body of the bag is lined with hand-dyed linen, and the flap is lined with deerhide. Completely sewn with linen thread that I coated heavily with bees wax. The buckle is hand forged iron. I also modified the hand woven strap with leather to attach the powder horn with heart shaped mounts, very common in the 18th century. This pouch would have been at home on battlefields from Concord to Yorktown, or in the wilds of the Bloody Ground of Kentucky.


Skull Sporran

I made this wicked little fella a few years back to finish off a Halloween costume that included a kilt.

Scottish Belt Pouch   Scottish Belt Pouch

Scottish Belt Pouch

I originally designed this pouch as a costume piece for a 7th or 8th century pictish costume, but recently wore it to hold piping essentials and my camera when the pipe band I play with performed at Yankee Stadium. It is entirely made out of deerhide. I drew the design for the flap and the knotwork gusset with waterproof ink and sealed it with mink oil. Sterling silver Celtic knotwork button. Talk about a timeless piece.



Weekend Bag   Weekend Bag

Ingrid's Bag

This is a bag I made for a friend out of buffalo hide that is trimmed with deerskin and has a very heavy cowhide stap. Dimensions are 12" X 14".


Weekend Bag

Large satchel made out of motorcyle leather and heavy tooling leather for the straps. Perfect for that weekend getaway to Boston, or wherever. Dimensions are 16" X 22" X 4".

Weekend Bag    

Moose Satchel

I rely on this bag to get me around the city, but it could have stepped right out of the 18th century. It could also double as a weekend bag in a pinch. Double D buckles for the shoulder strap and the closures. Very soft and supple.



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